How To Call/Text From iPod/iPad/iPhone Absolutely For Free? (International) {No Jailbreak Required!}

Make free calls in ipod touchTalking with friends and family is fun!There are several applications that allow you to call your friends and family for free.One of the most popular is Microsoft Skype.These type of applications only allow you to have free calls within its members(e.g :skype to skype).That means if you want to call someone's mobile then its not free.There are several applications that allows you to make cheap calls from your ipod/ipad or iphone.But if you don't want it to be cheaper too,then we will make it free for you.This trick will help you make absolute free calls or free text messages from your ipod/ipad or iphone.Moreover this can also help you tranform your ipod touch into a phone.This trick works in over 200 countries.You don't need the recipient to use the app for this trick to work!(Just like your phone)

What You Need?

  • An ios device
  • An internet connection
  • TextMe (free app)
  • Any ios VPN service app

Steps To Make Free Phone Calls From iPod/iPad/iPhone

  1. Download TextMe app for free from the appstore.
  2. Launch the application and create a new account.
  3. You will now be rewarded with 10 credits.Credits allow you to make free calls.You can earn free credits by completing offers ,inviting friends or by watching videos.You can even buy them too.
  4. Click on the upper right telephone icon to open the keypad.
  5. Dial the number and click on call.Wait for the user to answer the call.(Check out the last topic to learn to earn more credits fast and easy)
Video Tutorial

Steps To Send Free Text From iPod/iPad/iPhone To Mobiles

  1. Launch TextMe.
  2. Navigate to Text & Call Abroad (Swipe from left to right for navigation pane)
  3. Choose the country and type  in the mobile number.Click Find.
  4. Click on send text.
  5. Type in the message and hit ok.Enjoy free sms!!
Swipe from left from navigation paneSend free text from ipod touch

Steps To Get Credits Fast & Free 

To make calls one after another or for a long time you will need to have enough coins.To earn coins navigate to earn credits from  the navigation pane.You can earn coins for free by:

  • watching videos (1-3 coins per video)
  • completing offers(downloading apps)
  • referring friends
These are simple ways to make coins,but there are not enough offers available in certain countries like India.So here is a simple trick to get around this problem.
  1. Download any VPN apps such as Hotspot shield,SurfEasy VPN,etc.
  2. Run the app.Certain apps allow you to choose the region for your new ip adress.If you have this option then choose the region as US.
  3. It will ask for you to install profile.Click install.
  4. You will now see your internet connected to VPN servers.
  5. Open TextMe and navigate to earn credits.
  6. You will now have lot of offers and videos to earn credits.Complete them to earn credits.
  7. To disconnect the VPN go to Settings > General > VPN.If you have a separate profile for turning off then click off.
  8. Restart TextMe and make free calls.
Video Proof Of The Call

Screenshots From SurfEasy VPN

I hope this trick is useful for you.If you have any doubts then don't hesitate to ask me in the comments.If you like this post please click on the +1 button in the footer or the share button in the top right of sidebar.


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