How To No-index A Particular Blogger Post/Page Without Editing Robots.txt?

How To No-index A Particular Blogger Post/Page Without Editing Robots.txt?
Google hates spammy and low quality content.One of the worst actions caused by low quality content is getting your site hit by Panda,Penguin or farmer.If your site is hit by any of these then removing or editing all your low quality posts from your site is very important.That might take so long and as a result you will not be able to provide fresh content to your readers.You might have heard of low quality content before what is this low quality content.This low quality content means posts which are copied from others,no interlinking,one that contains very limited information,posts less than 500 words,etc.The fastest way to fix all your low quality content is to add a no index tag to your low quality posts.In this post I will show you how to add a no-index tag to a particular blogger post.
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Steps To Add A No-Index Tag To A Particular Blogger Post/Page

  1. Go to your blogger dashboard.
  2. Go to settings and then navigate to search preferences.
  3. Scroll down to Crawlers and indexing section.
  4. Click edit button next to Custom robots header tags.
  5. Choose yes next to enable custom robots header tags.
  6. Put a check on noindex under archive and search pages.(This will block google bots from crawling your search pages)
    Custom robots header tag
  7. Now click save changes.
  8. Go to your post list(or go to the page) and click edit for the post for which you want to add the noindex.
  9. In the right pane you will now see a new option called custom  robots tags.
    No index a particular blogger post or page
  10. Click on it and put a check on noindex if you want that post not to be indexed by google.(You will have to uncheck the default option first)
  11. That's it!
NOTE:If the post has already been indexed then wait for google to recrawl the post to apply the new settings.

Ask Google To Recrawl Your Post From Webmasters Tools

  1. Sign in to your Google webmasters account.
  2. Go your site's page.
  3. Expand crawl option from the left pane.
  4. Click on fetch as google.
  5. Put the link in the box and hit fetch.
  6. Once it is successfully completed click on Submit to index button which you will see below the fetch box.
    ask google to recrawl a webpage
  7. Choose the appropriate option from the dialog box and hit ok.
    Choose the option to submit url to index
  8. That's it!
Hope this has helped you! Have you found it difficult to follow Google's policies.Why or why not?Leave your replies in the comments.We would love to hear that!

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