Get Notified On Topics Of Your Interest ( Track Search Changes & Webpage Changes )

Get Notified On Topics Of Your Interest
It is always interesting to read topics of your interest.If you are so interested in a specific topic you will like to know the very latest information whenever it updates.I am a tech geek and I always wanted to get notified on latest updates.This can be a very time consuming job to daily check different sites for updates or for spending much time on searches.But imagine if you find a tool that alerts you on updates of specific topic that you set,it would have been much easier.Getting updated with the very latest information makes you a geek[I took the word out from tech geek :) ].In this post you will learn two methods to get alerted on updates of your topic.

Getting Notified On New Articles,Discussions,Blogs,Videos,Books & News

Get notified on updates of your topic with google alerts
Google Alerts is a service from google that allows you to get alerted when ever it find new articles, videos,etc. for your given search query.Google Alerts allows you to choose any of the result type like  
Articles,Discussions,Blogs,Videos,Books,News & Everything.It has an option that allows you to set the alert interval ranging from once a day to once a week.You can also set to get alerted as it happens.If you don't like getting many emails on each and every change then you should choose only the best results rather than everything in the how many section.You can also choose a different email address than the one that you are signed in to get your updates delivered onto.This includes other email services like hotmail,yahoo,etc.
Google Alerts

Get Notified If Webpage Changes

track webpage changes with visual ping
If you are a fan of certain company then it is likely that you keep returning to their site daily to check for changes.Being a blogger I keep checking many sites daily for updates.Why to waste your time simply checking other sites for updates when you have visual ping.
Visual ping is a free web service that allows you to track for changes in a webpage.You can set the check interval period and the trigger level.It has three trigger levels including tiny change,medium change and major change.I recommend you to choose the medium change for any websites that contain slideshows or animations.
Visual Ping


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