Get Detailed Computer Hardware Details With CPU-Z {Free Download}

Get to know your hardware in detailSometimes you need to know your system specs that are not listed in your manual or manufactures website.In such situations it can be very difficult to find out the actual specs.CPU-Z allows you to exactly do that.
For example if you are about to buy a new RAM you need to check out whether you have an extra slot,what is its memory frequency,etc.
CPU-Z shows detailed information for your CPU,Caches,Mainboard,Memory,SPD and Graphics.

What Information Can You Get With CPU-Z?


In the CPU tab you can get detailed information of your processor.This detailed information includes 
  • Name
  • Code name
  • Max TDP
  • Socket version
  • Technology
  • Core voltage
  • Speed
  • Cache information,   etc..


In this tab you can get a more detailed information of your processor's cache.You can get details like the cache size for each L1,L2 and L3 cache and also a descriptor for each cache.


Although this tab doesn't provide very detailed specs of your motherboard,you can get some basic but useful details like manufacture,model,chipset,etc.You can also know your BIOS and Graphic Interface details in this tab.

Memory & SPD

Memory refers to your computer's RAM.This handy tool can provide a lot of information about your RAM in each slot.You can also check for empty slots right from the SPD tab.These tabs provide information like 
  • Available memory
  • Frequency
  • Manufacturer
  • Serial number
  • DDR version
  • Timings,etc..


If you are having more than a graphics make sure you select the corresponding graphics to extract the information.Inbuilt processor graphics will also show up here like the Intel HD graphics.More information like 
  • Model number
  • Manufacturer
  • Technology
  • Size
  • Shader
  • Memory
  • Core
  • Bus width,etc   can also be extracted.

Note:The actual download link for the latest version is located in the right sidebar

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What information you want to know with CPU-Z?Is there any other method that you use to do the same?Leave your replies in the comments.

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