How To Extract Password Protected RAR Files Without Password ? (Free download link)

Unlock password protected rar files without password
Everyone hates fake content! Today many people cheap and fake methods to build traffic.One of them is fake content like password protected RAR files.I have already written a post on how to open password protected zip files without password and that had helped many people.Since that post many have been asking me how to open password protected RAR files without password.I have been looking for a working method to open RAR files without password for a long time and now I will share you this working trick.
                You need to have two things to successfully open the password protected RAR file.The first one can be downloaded for free from the link below.The second thing is to have patience because this might take so long depending upon the password length.If you have both of these then go ahead with the below steps.
Please note that this post is only for educational purpose and does not promote hacking/cracking.

Steps To Open Password Protected RAR Files Without Password

  1. Download the software from below link
  2. Install it.
  3. Click Open to open the RAR file.
  4. Choose the type of recovery option from the given options.(Check out the below paragraph)
  5. Click the green start button icon.
  6. Wait for it to complete.
    Rar password unlocker tool
  7. When the password is found copy it and use it to unlock your Rar file.
    Password found by rar password unlocker tool

Choosing The Right Recovery Option & Settings? (Very Important)

Recovery Tab

There are three different recovery options in the Recovery tab in this RAR Password Unlocker Tool.They are as follows:
  • Brute-force Attack-This method tries all the possible combinations to unlock.This is recommended  for RARs downloaded form the internet where you don't know anything about the password.
  • Brute-force with Mask Attack-This is almost similar to the above method.The only difference is that you can use this method in cases where you know some symbols or letters of the password.
  • Dictionary Attack-This method is recommended in cases where a user has forgotten the password or the user believes that the password is an english word rather any symbols.You can manually set any dictionary file in this tool.

Brute-force Tab

When brute force with mask attack is selected the options in the brute force tab becomes usable.This options include the ability to set the password length and provide information about the password including prefix,suffix,letter,numerals,etc.We highly recommend you to fill up these information if you are using the brute force with mask attack option.
Brute force tab in rar password unlocker

Dictionary Tab

This tab gets enabled when you select the dictionary option.This tab includes a couple of features including ability to use different dictionary file,max password lengths,etc.

Option Tab

The option tab includes 3 options including program priority,auto-save function,auto shut down upon recovery completion.
Options in rar password unlocker tool

Videos are a better way to understand or learn things.Check out our video tutorial below.

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