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Everyone loves playing games!Today we have games that are just like cinemas.Modern games have high texture quality and animations which requires a good PC.Many people lands on buying games that are not supported on their system.If you are one among them this post will be extremely useful to you.You can also know where to spend your money for a better game play.Many sites provides information on system requirements for a particular game.But these system requirements are not worth or we don't want it either.This is where system requirements lab helps us.

Can you run this game

System requirements lab is a site that scans your hardware online and tells whether you can run a game.They have a huge and daily updated game database.So make sure you visit this site before buying any games.Of course,if you are having a high end PC,there is nothing to worry about.They will tell whether you can run a game on minimum,recommended or optimal settings.Be a game forecaster!

How To Check Whether Your PC Can Run A Game?

  1. Go to System Requirements Lab
  2. Choose the game from the list and hit 'Can You Run It'.
  3. Choose the option by which you want them to scan your system specs.
  4. Wait for it to scan your system.
  5. You will see the results along with upgrade suggestions to play the game in minimum,recommended or optimal quality.
    Pass or fail

Alternative Way To Check Whether You Can Run A Game

  1. Go to
  2. Choose the game company.(By default it is selected EA.Click on the company logo  to select the company.)
  3. Choose the game from the drop down list.
  4. Fill up your system specs details below.
  5. Click Proceed.
  6. You will now see different ratings for your specs.A higher rating means you can run the game flawlessly.
Note:You need to know your system specs to perform the second method.

Do you have a high end PC?Are you able to play latest games without lag?If so,tell us your system specs and the game you tested.We would love to hear that in the comments.
Otherwise tell why you want this tool and which game you tested with this tool?
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