How To Run Html 5 Templates Or Any Template On Blogger ? (Use Blogger To Create 1 Page Website)

Why to create blogs when you can create websites with blogger?
Blogger is a widely used free blogging platform owned by Google.Many people use this free platform to create high quality blogs while some others use it to create blogs just for the sake of fun.Let it be for any reason blogs are a great way to share content.But what is a blog actually?A blog is a website where users write stuffs on an ongoing basis.So,what is the difference between a normal website and a blog?There is not much difference between the two but a blog is a part of  a website that keeps updating with the latest information where as a website might not contain very recent information.Some may use website to share their brand or products,some use to create social interactivity,some for portfolios,etc. .There are many companies that offer you  to create a website for free.Some of them include webs,wix,weebly,etc.but not blogger because blogger is a blogging platform.But as always we have found a way around.This post will teach you how to create a one page website with blogger or to run any templates on blogger.

How To Get Any Site's Template In HTML Format

Follow the below steps to get any site's template in html format.

Method 1 

  1. Go to the site whose template you want.
  2. Press Ctrl + U to view its source code.
  3. Copy-paste the entire source code.

Method 2 (For Demo Sites)

Sometimes the template will be in an iframe (In this type of case you will see a navigation bar of the main site in the top of template demo page .Follow the below steps to ensure that the code you copy doesn't contain the navigation bar.
    1. Go to the site.
    2. Right click and click on view frame source to get the actual code(You will see this option only if the template is within an iframe).
    1. Go to the site.
    2. Press Ctrl + U to view its source code.
    3. Search for 'iframe'.
    4. Click on the link of the iframe source.
      link within the iframe
    5. If that loads the site without navigation pane,then again press Ctrl + U to get the source code.
    Techeityy website on blogger

    Steps To Run Any Template On Blogger

    1. Go to your blogger dashboard.
    2. Navigate to Template tab.
    3. Click on 'Revert to classic templates' link which can be seen at the last part of the page.
    4. Now again click on the revert to classic template link in blue color.
      revert to classic templates
    5. Now paste your edited HTML template on the box provided in the Edit Template HTML section.
    6. Click save template.
    You may use Html edit for editing html online.

      Hide The NavBar

      By default the navbar is on even when you revert to classic templates.To switch it off select Off from the list box under change navbar section.
      Off navbar button above template input box

      Advantages Of This Trick

      • Create a one-page website with Blogger.
      • Use any template on blogger.(Only html versions allowed)
      • Use e-Commerce templates on blogger.
      • Duplicate your site's pages in blogger.
      • Create high quality landing pages.
      • Create high quality online portfolios.

      Disadvantages Of This Trick

      • Html knowledge required for editing.
      • Template styles available only on the homepage.

      Some sites to get high quality Html 5 templates

        Watch the video to have a clear understanding to use this trick.

        As always don't forget to share this trick with friends whom you think would benefit from this.If you have any doubts leave a comment below.Why do you want to use this trick to create a single page website?We would love to hear your replies in the comments.Suggest us an edit in the comments(if required).

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