Search With Your Voice In Google {+Top features}

Get Google voice on your PCAre you tired of searching by typing?Then this post is apt for you.Google has recently released Google voice where you can search with your voice.In Google search you can see a tiny little mic icon to the right of the search box.Tap on it and speak what you want to search.
You are ready to go!
You can also get answers to your queries.Below are the different type of queries that you can use in Google to get answers quickly.The main attractive feature is that it speaks out the answers.

How To Get Google Voice On Your PC?

If you can't see the mic icon on Google search box follow the below steps.
  1. Go to Voice search.
  2. Click on Try voice Search Now.

How To Get Spoken Answers?

By default spoken answers is enabled for all users but if you believe that it is not enabled for you follow the below steps to enable it.
  1. Go to Search Preferences
  2. Under Spoken Answers section click on Speak answers for voice search.
  3. Click save.

What You Can do With Google Voice Search?


You can ask Google to find the time by asking "what time is it" or if you want to know the time of a particular country you can use the following syntax "what time is it in New York".


Just like time you can search for weather details like "how is the weather today".This query will show weather details for your area.But if you want to find the weather of a particular region ask something like "how is the weather in California".


You might be aware of Google's calculator but you might not be knowing that you can use this calculator with your voice.For example you can ask "what is 1000 -500".This will show up your answer in a calculator so that you can do further calculations.You can use different mathematical operators in your commands.You can also convert any number into binary,octal or hexadecimal by speaking "convert 20 into binary".


You might not be knowing that you can set a timer too with your voice.Just say "timer for 30 seconds" to set a count down timer that beeps at zero.This function can also be used without the voice.

Find Movies,Albums,etc. 

This is a very interesting feature that can be used even without the voice.But this feature gets its life with voice.Just ask "find movies starring Johnny Depp" to find all the movies starring Johnny Depp.You can also use this feature to find albums,musics,etc like "find albums of Michael Jackson".

Find Restaurants

You can easily find nearby restaurants by speaking "find nearby restaurants".This will list up nearby restaurants along with a map of their location.


This old feature has now been integrated to Google Voice.Just say "show me my location" or "my current position" to display the map of your current location.You can also get map of other regions by speaking "show me the map of Chicago".

Find Pictures & Videos

With this amazing feature you  can easily search for pictures or videos of a person by simply speaking "find pictures of Ray William Johnson" or "find videos of Ray William Johnson".

Get Word Definitions OR Answers To Common Questions

You can easily get word definitions by speaking "what is a transistor" or "what is meant by transistor".If you want to find answers to common questions just go a head with your questions.For example ask questions like "what is the distance between the earth and the moon" or "who is the founder of Google" or "who is the president of USA".If it could not find the answers it will simply search instead.

Convert Currency

You can easily convert currency values by speaking "how much is 1 dollar worth in India" or "convert dollar to rupees" or "convert 100 dollar to rupees".


You can  also get sports results by asking "who won yeterdays grand prix" or ask for the sports score itself.

Still more.....
Learn all the search tricks and tips here.

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Have I missed any features of Google voice or do you know any other tricks?If so let us know in the comments.


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