The Most Effective AdSense Tips for Newbies & Low Earners

Adsense is a great way to make money online.But a lot of people fail to make at least 1$ a day.One of the main reason for this is poor traffic.Imagine if you have 100 people a day on your site and only 2-3 click on the ads,then you are not gonna make anything from adsense.So you need more traffic.

Why is it recommended to join adsense once you have high visitors?
Many people create a site,write some post(for the sake of writing)and then apply for adsense.Once they got approved they start to experiment with different ad placements,colors.,etc. so as to make more money.Thus creating content becomes the secondary task and you will start loosing your traffic.Gradually you get depressed with lower earnings.You will then go for other ad networks without creating good unique content.

Why is my CPC,CTR,etc. too low?
The main reasons for this is because you don't have enough traffic.The traffic source and the country will also be a factor of your CPC.

How can I increase my earnings?

  • Keep on creating good&unique content
  • Target audience from high paying countries like USA
  • Practice methods to increase your organic traffic (search traffic)
  • Get more and more backlinks which helps to increase your Google Page Rank
  • Create custom channels and track your ad progress.Then remove the low performing ad units.
  • Make your custom channels targetable.
  • Block irrelevant ad categories in your adsense.
  • Use different adsense services like adsense for feeds,adsense for search,etc.

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