Create Free Video Sitemap (No Coding Required)

Videos are a great way to convey your ideas.Most bloggers use video sharing sites like youtube,metacafe to upload their videos and to embed it in their post.A video sitemap tells Google exactly where, and what the video content is on your site. It helps Googlebots recognize video content, and display it in the relevant search results page..This is the only way to get video previews on search results for your site.
But creating a video sitemap can be very difficult and time consuming if you already have many videos on your site.But Complete PC Guide have found a solution for this.

Creating A Video Sitemap

<urlset xmlns="" xmlns:video="">
   <video:thumbnail_loc>VIDEO THUMBNAIL URL</video:thumbnail_loc>
   <video:title>VIDEO TITLE</video:title>
   <video:description>VIDEO DESCRIPTION</video:description>
   <video:content_loc>DIRECT URL TO VIDEO</video:content_loc>
   <video:player_loc allow_embed="yes" autoplay="ap=1">URL TO VIDEO ON A PLAYER</video:player_loc>

Create Video Sitemap Without Coding

If you don't know how to code this video sitemap or simply don't want to code then we have a solution.
Free Video Sitemap Generator Tool

How To Submit Your Video Sitemap?

  1. Copy the xml code and paste it in a new notepad file.
  2. Save the notepad file as videositemap.xml (Extension should be .xml)
  3. Then upload the sitemap file to your blog directory using FTP.
  4. Path
  5. Go to webmaster tools and sign in.
  6. Go to your site dashboard.
  7. Go to Crawl section and click Sitemaps.
  8. Add a sitemap from the top right button.
  9. Fill the url path.
  10. Click Submit.
If you are working to build traffic to your site then consider submitting a video sitemap.What do you think about video sitemaps?Is there any simple method than this?Tell us your thoughts in the comment sections!

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