7 Essential Things To Consider Before Choosing a Blogger Template

Tips to choose the best template for your site
Design plays a major role in improving site traffic.Many people uses blogger to create a free blog.Blogger doesn't have any premium templates like WordPress has.But you can change your blogger template to a custom template.There are many sites which provide free blogger templates.It is therefore very important to choose a perfect template for your blog.In this post you can learn how you can choose your perfect template.

7 Essential Things To Look  Before Choosing a Blogger Template


Having a good design is very important!You should always make sure that you choose the right template for your niche.Imagine a tech site running a sports or news site layout.Therefore always choose a good template that suits your niche rather than what looks the best.
A good design is a mixture of all these


In order to make sure that your site looks same on all web browsers you need to run a template that is compatible on all web browsers.All users are not using the same browsers therefore to make your site look the same for all run a template which is compatible on all web browsers.You can perform cross browser testing here.


Now a days  people use different tech gadgets like smartphones, tablets,etc. for surfing internet.Different gadgets have different screen resolutions.With a responsive template you can run the same template on different screen resolutions without tampering the template look and feel.A responsive design automatically adapts to different resolutions.
Responsive Template

Search Engine Optimized

Templates should be optimized for search engines to improve your SEO.If the template is not optimized for search engine then you will see a significant drop in your traffic(Assuming your current template is SEO optimizes).Therefore always make sure about it before applying any changes.

Site Loading Time

Everyone hates slow websites.Slow website can increase the bounce rate of your website resulting in poor traffic.Too many scripts and CSS styles can also increase the page load time.There are different tools to check site load time.Google's Page Speed service analyzes the page load time and gives the recommendations to improve the site performance.
Tired of loading....?

Trusted Source

Downloading templates from trusted sources is very important.Otherwise there is chance of having malicious scripts and codes in your templates.Templates from non trusted sources may contain low quality backlinks and redirects.In my personal experience I have once seen a huge drop in my traffic due to a redirect link in the template.Therefore always go for trusted sources.
Identify a trusted source by the number of templates,registered domains,no.of followers or feed subscribers,alexa rank,google page rank,ssl verified(https),etc..

Premium Templates

This is an optional point to consider.Premium templates will be optimized for search engine which means they won't have any malicious scripts or codes in them.They will provide a much better flexibility for you to easily edit the template.Premium templates will also make use of the latest coding languages like HTML5,CSS3,etc. and other latest services.( Create a free HTML 5 website )
Premium templates make use of latest technology

Leave a comment about the tip that is most important to you when considering a good template and tell why is it so!
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