How Google PageSpeed Insights Optimize Site Performance? (Updated)

Managing a website is more difficult than creating a website.Site performance plays a major role in site traffic.If a webpage takes so long to load,then the user is likely to leave the website.Therefore keeping up your site performance is very important.To optimize your site you need to find out the places where your site requires updates.This can be very difficult and very time consuming.This is where Google PageSpeed Insights comes on to action.
PageSpeed Insights is a developer tool offered by Google to analyze site performance and provides you with site suggestions.It has recently been updated its look and feel.PageSpeed provides a score out of 100 for the analyzed site.The mobile and the desktop versions of the sites are scored separately and and the suggestions are also displayed separately on their respective tabs.

How To Analyze Your Site

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the site URL that you want to test and click Analyze button.
  3. Wait for the analyzing to complete.
  4. Check out the optimizations tips below the "Suggestions Summary" title.
  5. Optimize your site with these helpful suggestions.

Switching Platform

PageSpeed Insights scores your mobile and desktop versions of your site separately.It also gives different suggestions for different platforms. To switch between the Desktop suggestions summary and Mobile suggestions summary,simply click on the required tab.

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