Analyze and optimize site performance with Google PageSpeed

Google PageSpeed is a service from Google to analyze and optimize your site with the most advanced tools.Currently,some of the PageSpeed tools are in beta.They offer different web performance testing tools.They have a page load test service that analyzes you site and gives you a score out of 100.They will also give you suggestions to improve your site load time.
Their website testing tools will also give you suggestions for better site performance.

How Page Speed works?

Links To PageSpeed Service

Official PageSpeed Service Page <link>
PageSpeed Service to analyze and get recommendations for your site.<link>
You can get a limited free trial of the PageSpeed Service by signing up here.(This service is currently in Beta and only has a limited free trial)

Use PageSpeed Insights On The Go With Chrome & Mozilla Extensions

PageSpeed insights is a great tool from Google.This helps webmasters get recommendations to speed up their website.If you constantly use Google's PageSpeed tools consider adding the PageSpeed extension yo your browser.At present these extensions are available for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
The chrome extension of the pagespeed insights is added to the chrome Dev tools.Once installed you can see the pagespeed insights in a new tab in the Dev tools.To access the Dev tools press Ctrl+Shift+I or right click and click on inspect element.
Install Chrome Extension                                                             Install Firefox Extension

                             Why Chrome is the best browser for developers?

Have you tried the pagespeed service?If so share your review and experience in the comments.We would love to hear that!

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