Your Face is your Password ! (Download it now)

Are you annoyed of all the passwords for different sites?Haven't you seen movie heroes switching on their computer with their face as their password?Are you interested in such technology either for your business use or for entertainment? KeyLemon is the answer to all these questions.Keylemon is a face recognition software that allows us to use our face as our password.You don't require any super gadget for this software.All you need is a good webcam.With this software you can even log in to websites with your face.

Features of KeyLemon
  • Windows log in-Use your face for logging in to windows.You can even customize the log on screen between several themes.You can still log in manually or switch back to standard windows interference.
  • Hijackers tracking-With the hijackers tracking feature you can view pictures of the culprit:
    • who was in front of your computer before automatic windows lock
    • who typed a wrong password when computer was locked.
  • Permanent protection-Keylemon will automatically lock your PC when you leave and will unlock it as soon as you return.
  • Security levels and anti-spoofing detection-You can set the security level between "low", "medium" and "high". You can enable a spoof detection to avoid unwanted access by classical spoofing methods (access with a photo of you for example).
  • Multimodel-Keylemon is sensitive to lighting conditions.So you can create multiple face models at different environment.For eg. for your office and for your home.
  • Track your face evolution-LemonDay plugin allows you to tracks your face evolution by saving automatically one image day after day.

Keylemon is available in 3 editions which includes FREE,BRONZE and GOLD!

Keylemon is available in 3 editions which includes FREE,BRONZE and GOLD!

Download it here.
Learn more about the product here.
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