Why Google Chrome is the best tool for developers? | Hidden Features Of Chrome

Why Google Chrome is the best tool for developers?
Google Chrome is a very good browser for developers as well as all internet surfers.Chrome stands as the best web browser with its fast and reliable performance.It  has millions of free apps and extensions in the chrome store.Moreover it is the best tool for web developers due to its unique features.Learn why Google chrome is the best tool for web developers and also learn some of the hidden features of chrome that you don't know.

Why Chrome is the best tool for web developers?

A good developer  needs to experiment a lot with your content and that is what Google chrome helps you do.Chrome has a built in developer feature called Chrome Dev Tools that helps web developers to edit webpages on the go (Note: The edits made are temporary and will last only until you refresh the page) with ease.This is the first reason for chrome to be the best browser for developers.Learn more

Chrome,the best web developer tool.To be a good developer you need to properly manage time.To use time efficiently you need tools and that's what Google chrome store has.Chrome Store has a vast collection of free apps and extensions for developers.This is the second reason for chrome to be the best browser for developers.

Thirdly,all your bookmarks and browsing history can be backed up to your email.So even when you leave your desktop you can always experience the way you browsed.This is one of the most important feature that any browser should have.

Lastly, a developer needs to have at least his basic tools with him all the time.The hidden features of Google chrome will let anyone open up his files without leaving chrome.

Hidden Features Of Google Chrome

There are several hidden features in Google Chrome that you might be unaware of.Below are the different hidden features of Google chrome.
Hidden features of google chrome

Chrome As A Video Player

You can use chrome to play videos.This simple video player has a pause button,full screen button,a slider,mute button and a sound level slider.To use this feature simply drag the video that you want to play into a new tab.Press  F11 to go full screen.

Chrome As A Music Player

It can be a used as an excellent music player too.This music player also has a pause button,mute button,slider and a sound level adjuster.Simply drag an audio file into a new tab to play.

Chrome As A Picture Viewer

You can view any picture in your browser with this feature.Simply drag a picture into a new tab to view it.But this picture viewer doesn't have any next/previous buttons.But it has a zoom in/out function.Press  F11 to go full screen.

Chrome As A PDF Viewer

Surprised,huh? As the title says you can use this masterpiece browser to view even PDF files(Good bye Adobe Reader :)  ).This feature allows you to view your Pdf files with different options like fit page to screen horizontally or vertically,zoom in,zoom out,print,etc.A page number displayed as you scroll along the pages gives you an idea of your current page location. Drag the Pdf into a new tab to access this feature.

What do you think about this topic?What is the best tool for you?Is there something missing in this post?Please leave your valuable comment to make this most even better.

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