How To Target Traffic From Specific Country?

How To Target Traffic From Specific Country?

If you are a blogger you might have tried several methods to increase you overall site traffic.And that might have helped you improve your site traffic.Is your current traffic worth to you?If you are blogging to make money online you may need to have country specific traffic to make a decent income monthly.Country specific traffic simply means the visitors to your site from a particular country.This is very important in many ways.

Why is country specific traffic or targeted traffic important in making money online?

Improve Adsense CPC with targeted keywords
Being a blogger you might be an adsense publisher and might have come across the word CPC.CPC is the amount that advertisers pay for each click on the ads.So higher CPC means higher income.How can you improve your CPC?There are a lot of factors that affects your CPC and the most important among that is the country from which you get the click.Advertisers bid different CPC for each country.Countries like US,Australia,UK has higher CPC when compared to other countries (This might differ for different advertisers because advertisers bid different CPC to bring targeted audience to their site).

How To Drive Country Specific Traffic?

Now let us come to the different points that will help you bring country specific traffic to your site.

Domain Name
Different country specific domain extensions

As you know .com , .net ,.org are top level domain that help you get rank higher on global search engines.But if you need to drive country specific traffic to your site you may register your domain with the country extension like .in , .uk , .au ,etc.
This will help you get ranked higher on search engines for that specific country.Inorder to preserve your band you can also register for a .com or .org domain.You can find a list of genetic TLD's here.

Webhosting Server Location

The next main factor in driving geo targeted traffic is the location of your site's server.For example if you need to drive traffic from US host your site in US.This helps speeding your website load time for that country and it also helps your site rank higher in search results for that country(beacuse I.P search engines bot detect the location of your server).


Backlinks are incoming links coming to a website or a webpage.Backlinks have a very important role in bringing traffic to your site.Backlinks play a crucial role in having a google pagerank,better alexa rank,higher SERP,more traffic,etc.Due to this important reason you should try to get more targeted backlinks.For example if you need to drive US traffic to your site,then get more backlinks from US sites.
To drive targeted backlinks use methods like blog commenting and also guest posting.
Where to get backlinks?

Content Level Targeting

Your content is the main signal which Google uses to determine which country you are targeting.Adding the country name in your post meta title and description not only make your content more keyword targeted but also gives a clear signal of the country that you are targeting .
To add a country meta tag in your blog add the code below   <head>
 <meta content='Country Name' name='country'/>
The kind of content and the language that you are using will also affect country specific traffic.For example if you are writing your content in american English it will attract more US visitors to your site.

Submit Your Sites To Local Search Engines & Directories

Don't just submit your site to popular search engines like google,bing,etc. only but also submit it to local search engines and directories.Some places to submit your site
Local search engine optimization

Find Popular Keywords With Google Trends & Google Keyword Planner Tool

Keywords also plays a very important role in driving country specific traffic.In order to find the correct keywords you can use Google Trends as well as Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool.Both of these tools are extremely useful to find the best keywords to drive geo targeted traffic.
How to use google trends?Simply enter a keyword in the search box and hit enter.In the results page you will see a map that shows the keyword usage level in different countries.
How to use adwords keyword planner?Go to the keyword planner tool and choose 'search for keyword and ad group ideas'.Fill up the form and click get ideas to get the keywords for the specific country that you choose in the form's targeting section.
Google trends showing keyword popularity in a country

Use AdWords Tool

If you want to geo target for commercial purpose or if you wish to spend money for targeted audience you may try Google Adwords.Google Adwords is an effective way of building targeted traffic.You can sign up for adwords here.
What do you think in driving country specific traffic to your site?Which method you feel the best?Please leave your valuable comment below with the reason.
Please report us if you find any mistakes in this post.

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