How To Make Money Online?

Make money online
Everyone likes to make money.If you are an internet surfer then why not make some money online by doing part time jobs.There are different ways of making money online.One of the best and growing method is by displaying ads on your site.So if don't have a site create a free site now.The different ways of making money online are through displaying ads,affiliate marketing,offering help,text link advertising,etc.In this post I will explain these methods in more detailed so that you can decide what to choose for monetizing your blog.

Displaying Ads
Popular Ad Networks

This is one of the most popular method used by bloggers.There are many ad networks like Adsense,Chitika,{Yahoo | Bing network},etc.These will allow you to place different ads to your site.The ad network will display the most relevant ads for your site.You earn money either for each click or for every 1000 impressions for your ad in this type of network.Getting approved with Google Adsense can be difficult with no unique content.Only apply for ad networks like this once you have a good amount of visitors per day.Otherwise you will end up optimizing your ads rather than producing unique content.You can also have direct advertising for your site with sites like buysellads.You get  paid for displaying the ad for a specific duration by selling your ad space directly to advertisers.

Affiliate Marketing

How affiliate marketing works?

Affiliate Marketing also means to display ads on your site.But there is a change on how you get paid.You can easily display the company's ads on your site without any site requirements.For example,consider that you are displaying ads of amazon on your site.In this case you will get paid only when a user purchases an item through the ad link.Here there is no CPC or CPM.You get a commission for each sale of the product.
Check this link to learn more about amazon affiliate.There are a lot of sites that offer affiliate marketing.Almost all online stores and web hosting companies has its affiliate program.

Text Link Advertising

Infolinks | A text link advertising network
These are link advertising which means keywords in your article are converted to links that redirects to the advertisers website.These type of ad networks pay either for each click on the link or a fixed amount per month.There are many of these networks such as Viglink,Skimlink,etc.You cam read more about these ad networks and how they pays here.

Get Paid To Offer Your Help Or Assistance

Sites like  Fiverr
The first three methods explained in this post can be done only if you have a site.But this is quite different from other methods.You might not have heard about this way of making money online.You get an amount for offering your assistance.For example" I say I will edit your blog for 5$ ".When someone is interested in this deal they pay me and that is how you earn.It can be of any assistance or help.Some of the sites that allows you to do this are Fiverr,GigBucks,Zeerk,SEOClerks,etc.Check out other top sites like this here.

Have I missed something?What to add further in this post?Tell us in the comments.Out of these what you likes the most and why?Leave your valuable comments below.
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