How To Import Real 3D Models To Adobe After Effects CS5?

Import real 3D objects in AE
Adobe After Effects is a great software for video editing.It has lots and lots of features to make your video stunning.But unfortunately you can't work with 3D models in it directly.After Effects CS6 allows you to have 3D models.But for other versions use this trick.Here is how you do it!

Steps To Import 3D Models To After Effects CS5

  1. Download your 3D model in any of the following formats. Supported formats include *.3DS , *.DAE , *.KMZ , *.U3D , *.OBJ  (I recommend you to use .3DS formats)
  2. Open Photoshop(Photoshop Extended supports 3D models).
  3. Click File > New.
  4. Select Film & Video as the preset.
    Photoshop settings to import 3d model to ae
  5. Choose the size as HDV/HDTV 720p/29.97 and then click ok.
  6. Click 3D > New Layer from 3D File...  option.
    New layer from 3d file
  7. Open the 3D model from the dialog box that appears.
  8. Once it is loaded you can grab the object rotate tool and 3d rotate it to check the file.Delete the background color to make it a transparent file.
    Delete the background colour
  9. Save it as a psd file.Click Maximize compatibility and click ok when a dialog box appears.
  10. Open After Effects and click on File > Import > File or simply click Ctrl + I
  11. Open the psd file that we have saved just now.
    Import the psd file
  12. Select Compostion-Retain Layer Sizes for the import kind and choose editable layer styles.Also check the  Live Photoshop 3D box in the dialog box that appears.
    Ae setting before importing 3d file
  13. Double click on the composition file of the 3D file.It will now be loaded up.
  14. Grab the camera tool.You can now rotate it in any axis with your mouse.
    Grab the camera tool
  15. Enjoy working in 3D!

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