How To Share Your Internet Connection Via Wifi?

How To Share Your Internet Connection Via Wifi?
Wifi connections are the best because they seem to support in all devices.Some devices such as an Apple iPod/iPad,tablets,PSP,etc.supports only Wifi connection.Wifi modems are cheap.If you are having an ethernet modem then you can use a Wifi router to make it Wifi rather than buying a Wifi modem.But if you are having an internet connection and a computer with wifi such as a laptop then here is a trick to make your internet connection Wifi.


  • A computer with wifi
  • An active internet connection
  • Connectify Hotspot

Steps To Share Your Internet Connection Via Wifi

  1. Download Connectify  for free from here.
  2. Once installed,launch the application and set it up.
  3. Click start hotspot and wait for it to start.
    Connectify Hotspot
  4. On your wifi device the network will be detected and if not then scan for the network.
  5. That's it! Enjoy!

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