How To Increase Browser Viewing Area In Chrome ?

Browsing the internet is fun.It is more fun when you can view wide range of content in a single large screen.Using toolbars will decrease the viewing area.Going full screen will increase the viewing area but not all likes it.Large viewing area helps to deliver more text on each lines.Moreover it is beneficial in watching videos.Last but not least it looks good.Check out these different ways of increasing the viewing area in chrome.

Reduce Scroll Bar Size

Drops and drops of water makes an ocean.Therefore lets start from the small.The default scroll bar looks bad.So don't we change it with an eye pleasing ultra thin scroll bar.To use the thin scrollbar simply download  Thin Scroll Bar from the chrome store.Scroll bar diet is another such extension that you can give a try.
Thin Scroll Bar

Go Full Screen

Going full screen delivers huge viewing area.This is especially useful when you are reading online.This also eliminates the toolbars from the viewing area.To go full screen simply press F11.Press F11 again to exit full screen mode.This gif shows how big the viewing area will be.

Use AdBlockers

Ads cover up much of the space on websites.So blocking the ads will free up these spaces.Using adblocker extensions such as Adblock will help you increase your viewing area.


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