Remove Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)

We have already learned how to remove Subscribe to:Post(Atom).In this tutorial we will learn how to remove Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)
As you see both of these links makes our site loose it's professional look.Removing the Post Comments link will make it impossible for your users to subscribe to follow up comments.Therefore I do not recommend you to remove the link.But if you are so concerned either add some CSS styles to the link or just remove it.Follow the below steps to remove the 'Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)' link.

To remove " Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)"

  1. Go to your blogger Dashboard > Templete > Edit Template
  2. Search for <b:include data='post.feedLinks' name='feedLinksBody'/> (Click Ctrl+F to search).
  3. Delete the above code and save it.
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