TuneUp your PC with TuneUp Utilities!

Is your PC running slow?Does it take long time to boot&shut down?Or is it slow without even multitasking?
TuneUp utilities 2013 allows you to increase your pc performance significantly.

Some of the features include
  • Disk cleaner
  • Browser cleaner
  • Live optimization
  • Shortcut cleaner
  • Registry cleaner
  • Program deactivator
  • Economy mode&Turbo mode
  • Disable startup programs
  • Accelerate system startup and shutdown
  • Defragment hard disk
  • Automatic maintenance
  • Find and delete large amounts of data
  • Restore deleted files
  • Delete files safely
  • Increase performance recommendations
  • Detect and fix problems
  • Check hard disk for errors
  • and more...    Click here to learn all the features.

    Tune it up and make your PC run like new or optimize it like a gaming computer.
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