Creating a Mask with the Shape Tools

You can create mask by dragging a shape tool cursor on a selected layer in the composition panel or the layer panel.Shape tools such as rectangle tools,ellipse tool, and polygon tool help you to create masks in primitive shapes.

Perform the following steps  to draw a mask using a shape tool:

  1. Open the after effects project in which you want to create a mask using a shape tool.
  2. Double click the composition in the project panel.
  3. Select a layer on which you want to create a mask.
  4. Select  a shape tool to draw mask in the tools panel.
  5. Click and drag the selected shape tool in the composition panel to create a mask on the active layer.
Note:You can create a new composition that matches the dimensions and length of a footage by dragging the footage onto create a new composition button at the bottom of the project panel.

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