How to get facebook post likes,shares,.. fast and for free?

Almost all of you might own a facebook account.Many of you might be even addicted to it.Haven't you seen posts with thousands of likes and shares!Have you ever thought of getting more likes or shares for your post and pics!Now here is the answer to get that done fast and simple.


  1. Go to and create an account for free!You will get 50 points as bonus!
  2. Then click on add site/page button.
  3. Under type, choose the way you want to promote yourself.
  4. If you select facebook likes or shares,then you will have to provide the link to the post.
  5. To get the link,go to the desired post, then click on options and choose get link.
  6. Copy the link and paste it on the url box.
  7. Set the CPC.{CPC is the cost per click.This is what you reward for every single click.The higher the CPC the more the click}
  8. Finally click on save changes.
Make sure you have enough points to reward your customers.You can use this trick to get more youtube views,likes,twitter follows,and a lot more.
Being  a youtube partner I don't recommend you to use the youtube related promotion tools.Because that might increase the chance for getting banned from youtube.


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