How to add clickable images to blogger post?

Many of you might own a blog.Have you ever wondered how to add buttons to blogger post?OR How to add clickable images on your post?This post helps you to learn that in seconds.


  • First of all choose the image that you want to have as your button.{Make sure the image size is the same as that you want in your blog because it can't be re-sized after mapping the image}

  • Then go to
  • After choosing the file you want to have as button,click start mapping your image.
  • Wait for the continue link to appear.Click on it once it is shown.
  • Now start mapping image with rectangle tool or custom tool.[NOTE:The image that you see here will be your button size.So make sure you have the appropriate size.]
  • Once it is completed click on get your code.
  • Copy the html code from the html tab.
  • Now paste the html code after the last code in your post.{NOTE:Make sure you are on the HTML view in blogger post editor.}
  • Preview the post and check everything is right.
  • Once everything is done,publish your post.
  • Check your blog and make sure they work perfect.
  • That's it!You are done!You have added the button in the last line of your post.
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