How To Listen To Any Music For Free Online ?

How To Listen To Any Music For Free Online ?
Everyone likes to listen to music.Music refreshes us,inspires us and make us happy.There are several ways to listen to music.But most of them are not free.You can use youtube to watch music videos.But it takes a lot of time to load youtube videos just for us to listen to music.This is not a trick to speed up youtube buffering but this is a trick to listen to free music online.There are a lot of music streaming services such as Pandora,Spotify,etc. .Even Apple has started iTunes Radio for free music.Even though this is free these are not available in every country.Here is a trick to listen to any music for free all over the world.

Steps To Listen To Any Music For Free

  1. Go to
  2. In the search box enter the music that you want to listen and hit enter.
    Search music in grooveshark
  3. Hit play.
  4. Drag more songs to the queue for continuous listening experience.
    Listen music for free

How is the audio quality?

The audio quality is not bad.However since these are uploaded by various users,the quality may vary.You may experience lower quality if you are using earphones.

Can I download them?

You cannot directly download the music but you can do that by 3rd party softwares.

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