Why You Should Submit Your Site To Technorati?

Submitting your site to different search engines is a very important step to build up your traffic.Quality of search engines also plays a very important role in building up traffic.Technorati has an Alexa Rank of around 2000 with more than 400,000 backlinks.That is why you should submit your site to Technorati which is a searching engine for searching blogs.

Why You Should Submit Your Site To Technorati?
If you are a blogger and you wish to run direct advertising on your site then you should keep reading.Advertisers look for Alexa Rank,Google PageRank,Technorati Rank,etc. to know your site popularity.So you need to have a better Technorati Rank too.

Does Site Submission To Technorati Cost?
No,you may not need to pay in order to get your site listed in Technorati.

How To Submit Your Site To Technorati?

  1. Go to Technorati.com and sign up for a new account.
  2. Go to your account page.
  3. Enter the url of your blog in the My Claimed Blogs section.

  4. Fill up the form and hit Proceed to next step button.
  5. You will now receive a code in your email. e.g U9FZDM4HR8NH
  6. You will need to publish a post along with the code to verify your site.(It should be made visible)
  7. Once published go to your account page.Under the My Claimed Blogs click check claim to check your claim.
The account page referred here is your profile page.

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