What Is The Best Color Of Links For High Conversions?

Color of links plays a major role in high conversions.Links usually get well clicked when the color stands out rather than blended.Most people usually has blue color for hyperlinks.

What Color Can I Use For Hyperlinks?

You can use any color that you want for hyperlinks but for high conversion rates you need to have an active color than a passive color.
An active color is the color that you use on your websites for all the clickable items.
A passive color is the color that you use on your website for decorations,titles.etc.

What We Suggest?

We suggest you to use any color that stands out on your blog.
For example: Our site's passive color is red.We use red for titles,buttons,etc.If we use the same red color for links a user gets confused because for some red is non clickable while for other it means clickable.So we need a color that stands out.In our site we used blue for hyperlink.This will make a user to click on the link and also makes him aware that all the text in this color are links.


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