Use Google services for free from your mobile! (Yeah! It's free)

Free Zone is an exciting new product that allows users to access Google+, Gmail, and Google Search on their mobile phone for free.This is one of the best services that Google has provided till now.The free service will be available on almost all internet enabled phone. FreeZone should be accessed with your mobile phone's default browser.

Unfortunately Freezone is not available for computers.
With Freezone you can use Google search,Gmail and Google+ for free!

To start using FreeZone

  • Get a Google account-If you are on a participating carrier and a compatible phone you can use Google search without signing in.(Click here to check whether your operator supports FreeZone)
  • Visit on your mobile-Visit on your mobile ,sign in to your account and use free Google services.
  • Green means go-As long as you see the green bar displaying 'free page' at the top of your screen,you won't be charged.
Visit the following links to learn more about FreeZone and for FAQ. 


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