Customize your Desktop with docks and other cool stuffs!

Desktop customization is a term that describes the customization of a personal computer desktop environment. Customization can be carried out on different desktop environment in different ways.Customization can include wallpapers, window styles, widgetsgadgets, icons and skinned applications. Are you interested in customizing your Desktop with different apps?If so,you are in the right place! In this post I will be sharing you some very good Desktop customization software.

Below are the list of softwares that I would like to share with you:

  • RocketDock --This is the best dock that I have ever used.This can be customized very well with different icon packs,stacks,etc..To download RocketDock for free click here.

  • Object Dock--Click here to download Object Dock.

  • Circle Dock--This dock is different from other docks because this dock is in a circle shape.To download Circle Dock for free click here.

  • Nexus Dock--This is a free professional dock for windows.It has a lot of features like special effects,live icon reflectors,tabbed dock,etc...This software comes in both free and paid version.To learn all the features click here.To download it click here.

  • Real Desktop--This is the best desktop customization that you can do if you don't like docks.This is not a dock but a 3D desktop.The software comes in both free and paid versions.To download it click here.

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