How to get more youtube views?[100% working and legal]

You might have a youtube channel with less views.In this post I will be giving you several tips for getting tons of views easily.There are several things that will help you to get more views.

  1. Be a regular uploader with original content.Make sure you upload videos regularly i.e. once a week or once a day.It depends upon you.By doing this your subscribers keep visiting for channel for the new videos.
  2. Title appropriately.Have a good description.Title your videos in such a way that it attract users.Also make sure you had provided enough description about what your video is and also links to the resources that you used.
  3. Make your video interactive using annotations.Annotations will make your viewers click directly on the video.You can add annotations to subscribe channels,associated website,merch,videos,etc..
  4. Keep it short and rich.Make sure to make your video short and rich in content.(This increases your video's watch time which helps your videos to be listed on search results)
  5. Add tags appropriately.Don't tag unrelated phrases.Think of the best keywords that someone will use for searching your videos.
  6. Be an active member in the comment section.Make sure you comment on others videos so that others are more likely to visit your channel.
  7. Make your videos as response to others.Once you have your video uploaded make this video as a response to other videos of the same kind which have more views.
  8. Ask your viewers to like and subscribe.Asking your viewers to subscribe will help you even more.
  9. Caption the videos.This is one of the thing that most youtubers don't do at all.Captioning the video will help your viewers to see what you speak as subtitles.
  10. Like the video and add it to favourites and other playlist after a 24 hours.This will make your video reappear in your subscribers feeds.
  11. Over editing and under editing should be avoided.Make you videos look good with appropriate edits.
  12. Make an eye catching thumbnail for your video.Make sure the thumbnail does not mislead the users.{Note:In order to add custom thumbnail you should be a youtube partner.Apply partnership here.To become a full Youtube partner click here}
  13. Make your channel look good.Get impression from others by making your channel look good.
  14. Feature your videos on your other videos.This will make the featured video been seen in a small thumbnail on the desired corner you choose.
  15. Never use click exchange sites for getting view and subscribers fast.This will make your view counter being freezed or suspension of your account.
  16. Download the video upload checklist.This will ensure that you have not missed any steps during the upload.You can download it here.


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