Get Start Menu on Windows 8 for free!!!

Windows 8 is very good OS with its amazing features and performance.I personally love Windows 8 due to its fast boot but I have not yet shifted to windows 8. If you are a windows 8 user you might have noticed that it lacks the handy start menu.This might make many people disappointed.Microsoft has not yet released any updates of windows 8 with a start menu.Microsoft has already made it possible to free download windows 8.1 preview version but we don't know anything about whether it has the start menu or not.In the mean time if you want to have the start menu back on your windows 8 you can follow the below steps(Note: You don't need to re-install windows for this trick).

Steps To Bring Start Menu On Windows 8

  1. Download the windows 8 start menu for free.
  2. Install and enjoy!

Advantages Of Windows 8 Start Menu

  • Easily switch between Metro and Desktop Interface
  • Faster Access To Programs and Files
  • Start Menu Search box
  • Customizable,easy and free to use
You can also try stardock's Start8 start menu for windows 8.
Free Start menu for windows 8
Why you want to have start menu in your windows 8?Leave your comments! (The best reasons will be published in this post)

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